B. is a girl with wild red hair and a boundless imagination who believes she is free to be and do whatever her heart tells her to. So she dreams big about the things she loves – and as she does, her story unfolds in the adorable book Frieda B. Herself.

The truth is that each of us has our own free-to-be story, authored by a God who not only loves us dearly, but wants us to share that love with the world around us. He makes each of us Free to B. a Blessing. And when we dream big and believe that we can use our unique gifts and passions – our one-of-a-kind story – to help others, we begin to experience real life-fulfilling purpose. We begin to understand what it means to live our identity in Christ. And there’s nothing else like it in the world.

The Free to B. a Blessing (FBAB) program was created to guide AHG Troops, families and individuals of all ages (because we each have a story) through the process of:

           Believing and exploring the story God wrote for each of us (Jeremiah 29:11)
           Dreaming big about our story and purpose (Ephesians 3:20)  
           Doing for others...using our unique gifts and passions to directly be a blessing, a light, to
           the world around us (Matthew 5:16)
To aid Troops in bringing this important message to their girls, Frieda B. and AHG have worked together to develop a number of resources. PowerPoints for the Frieda B. books may be found at the Frieda B. online store. You’ll also find lots of Free to B. a Blessing resources below to help you carry out everything from an individual activity to a full Troop event and service project:

Free to B. a Blessing Patch Program
FBAB Program Summary  **Updated for 2013!***
FBAB Main Guide  **Updated for 2013!***
“Go Light Your World” Event Guide  ***Updated for 2013!***
“Dream Big and Do” Leader Event Guide ***Updated for 2013***
Just for Leaders - A Leader-Only Event Guide
Free to B. a Blessing Cards
Share the Fun!
Additional Frieda Merchandise
The Book: Frieda B. Herself

Red-headed, bare-footed Frieda B. is the world’s biggest dreamer. With a limitless and colorful imagination, she fully believes she is free to be anyone, anywhere she dreams she can be. But when Frieda suddenly loses her dreams one night, how will she recover? The answer will provide inspiration and encouragement to children of all ages, to always believe in your own big dreams – and the very important, one-of-a-kind story you carry inside.

$15 each. Full-color, hardcover.

Order your copy at the
AHG Attic or at Program Patch
Find Free to B. a Blessing patches at and To earn a patch, a girl must: read/discuss Frieda B. Herself; complete one or more of the program activities; and carry out a service event related to her gifts and passions. FBAB activities also can assist in earning a Daughter of the King badge.
FBAB Patch (Available at AHG Attic or
FBAB Program Summary
Everything you need to know about the complete Free To B. A Blessing program - how to utilize all the resources available plus where to get them. This guide will give you the complete overview of all that you can do with Frieda B. to go out and be a blessing!

                             FBAB Program Summary
FBAB Main Guide

A special program from Frieda B. to help you Dream Big and Believe in your own one-of-a-kind God-given story, found in the heart of a servant. Here you’ll find a full scriptural summary of the program, as well as a host of related activities and discussion guides.  

            FBAB Main Guide (Full Color or B&W)
“Go Light Your World” Event Guide
To celebrate AHG’s Birthday and National Day of Service...Troops, families and individuals are invited to Go Light Your World with Frieda B. and AHG! Use cupcakes and candles to discuss, explore and celebrate how each story is meant to light the world in its own unique way.

            FBAB Go Light Your World Guide (Full Color or B&W)
Dream Big and Do” Event Guide
A step-by-step guide for hosting a low-stress, high-participation, purpose-filled Troop event that starts with Dreaming and ends with Doing. The objectives of this “Dream Big and Do” Troop Event are to first lead girls through the process of identifying their own dreams in order to explore the one-of-a-kind story God wrote for them. Next, they’ll be guided through the steps of creating and carrying out a service event that uses their unique gifts and passions to be a direct blessing to others.

                                                    FBAB Dream Big and Do Guide (Full Color or B&W)
Story in a Cupcake Activity
Dream Boards

“Just for Leaders” Event Guide

Discussion guides and activities just for AHG Leaders. Because the more fulfilled, fueled, and connected you are as leaders, the better equipped you are to lead and to love.

         "Just for Leaders" Event Guide (Full Color or B&W)
Free to B. a Blessing Cards:
Print, decorate and distribute these cards as part of your service   project, letting recipients know your love for service comes from the Biggest Love of all.


From Troop 
     Anonymous (Full Color or B&W)
     With Troop # (
Full Color or B&W)
From Girl
     Anonymous (Full Color or B&W)
     With Girl Name (
Full Color or B&W)​

Share the Fun!

AHG & Frieda B. would love to hear how your Troop is Free to B. a Blessing to your community.  We want your stories, pictures, and ideas on how you made this event your own – so we can share them with other AHG leaders and Troops. Please post them here or send an email to

Additional Frieda B. Merchandise


Journal (Available at AHG Attic or


Sweet Dreams Pillowcase
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Frieda B. U. Booklet (Available at AHG Attic or

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