Each new AHG Charter Partner receives a Troop Start-Up Box filled with initial Start-Up materials and detailed explanations of how to begin and develop a successful AHG troop.

The Troop Start-Up Box contains the following: 
     (subject to change as revisions occur)

  • AHG Troop Coordinator Handbook 
  • AHG Unit Leader Handbook 
  • AHG Girl Handbook 
  • AHG Pathfinder Handbook 
  • AHG Training Materials
  • AHG Registration Materials and Job Agreements 
  • AHG Merchandise Ordering Materials 
  • Program Helps 
  • Marketing Tools 
  • Promotional DVD
As a continued service to their troops, AHG provides:
  • As needed support services assistance by email, phone, fax or letter
  • Specialized AHG on-line and DVD/CD training for all leaders
  • Quarterly Mailings which include a Leader Resource Packet, a Leadership Connection Newsletter and the Heritage Headlines Newsletter
  • Access to the Password-Protected Area of the AHG Web Site 
  • Face-to-Face leadership training and fellowship offered annually at our National Leadership Conference
  • National Trip/Camping Opportunities 
  • Various program initiatives and revisions 
  • Quality merchandise order fulfillment and shipping 
  • Federally registered AHG name and logo which is made available to Charter Organizations to promote, identify, and raise funds for their AHG Troop