What is the Stars & Stripes Award?
It is the highest recognition in American Heritage Girls, a multi-faceted award that honors girls who epitomize the Oath and Creed. The award incorporates Badge work, religious award recognition, service and leadership. This award takes a lot of hard work, and may take a few years to achieve.


Who can earn the Stars & Stripes Award? 
Patriots who wish to achieve AHG's Highest Honor. Young women who exemplify the qualities of the Creed - compassion, helpfulness, honesty, loyalty, perseverance, purity, resourcefulness, respectfulness, responsibility, and reverence. Young women who represent what the Lord desires of His people!

When can I earn my Stars & Stripes?

After downloading and reviewing the General Overview Packet, earning your Dolley Madison, submitting an Application for Candidacy and being approved as eligible, you may begin the Stars & Stripes adventure! Remember all requirements must be completed prior to your 18th birthday.

What is my first step?

Begin by requesting the S&S General Overview Packet here. This packet can be requested as a Pioneer or Patriot and will give you the basic steps to the process. As outlined in the packet, once you receive your Dolley Madison you may apply for Candidacy. Once you are approved as an eligible Candidate (meet age and Award prerequisites) you will receive the S&S Procedure Packet. This packet will help you through the Project Approval Process, as well as your Board of Review and ceremony planning. 

Need a visual? Check out these flowcharts to help you understand the process:
Initial Packet/Candidacy Request Flowchart and S&S Procedure Flowchart

What is in it for me?
Earning your Stars & Stripes is the ultimate reward for working on this prestigious honor. This award teaches girls perseverance, self-respect, and a strong feeling of satisfaction. The Stars & Stripes Award is esteemed highly by State Representatives across the country! These State Representatives would like to present AHG girls with their highest accolades in earning this distinguished award. Also, many colleges and universities also recognize the hard work required to earn this award with scholarships and other special considerations.

Still confused?

Do you still have questions?! Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Stars & Stripes Award and plan a time to sit down, munch on a cookie, and have a chat with your Troop Leader. You can also email starsandstripes@ahgonline.org with additional questions.

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