American Heritage Girls receive Level Awards to recognize their achievements. If you have received a Level Award, congratulations! You put in a lot of hard work and should be honored to wear your award on your vest or sash. If you haven't earned a Level Award yet, talk with your Leaders or friends in your Troop about how to get started. If you put your mind to it, you too can proudly wear an award!

Have you ever wondered how the Level Awards got their names? Each award is named after a person (or people) who have made a positive impact on our country. Would you like to learn more about these namesakes? Just click on a name, and the Level Award namesake will introduce themselves.

The five Level Awards:

The Fanny Crosby - Pathfinders

  The Sacagawea -

  The Lewis and Clark -

The Harriet Tubman - Pioneer 

The Dolley Madison - Patriot