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February 16th

"On the sixteenth of February, I went to the Air Force Academy to learn archery. I learned the safety rules of archery, how to pull a bow, how to pull an arrow out of a quiver. I learned to pull the arrow out of the target and did better then my dad. I can’t wait till the May ceremony to get the Archery badge."  

An AHG girl, Makayla from Troop CO 0002

February 11th


A Fun Day Out
Sounds like camping songs and wolves holing at the moon.
Feels like a nice warm blanket by the fire.
Looks like a children playing  games.
Tastes like s'mores roasting in the fire .
Smells like sausage cooking at dawn.

Troop CA3130

January 29th

Hi my name is Destiny and I am an Explorer in Troop OH0610. I wanted to tell you about an outdoor adventure that I took last summer! :)  My adventure was at Cubworld in Ohio. Cubworld was awesome! We hiked up Cardiac Hill and we stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights. We learned about a lot of nature including poison ivy. I had a lot of fun at my last year at Cubworld.



November 2nd

Hi!  My name is Lauren and I am an Explorer in Troop GA0281. I wanted to share with you a story I wrote about a camping trip my troop took a few months ago.  :)

Troop GA0281, Rome Georgia

AHG Troop GA0281 went camping at Fort Mountain State Park near Chatsworth, Georgia.  13 Explorers and Tenderhearts attended, enjoying the great outdoors all weekend.  We worked on Fire Safety and Fire Building, Outdoor Skills, and Camping badges.

My favorite part of camp was that the Explorers planned a ceremony for Saturday night by ourselves.  My mom gave out awards and I got the “Fairy House Builder” award.  Fairy houses are little cabins made out of sticks or bark up in the tree roots. You can add any accessories you want like a leaf bed, a shed with bits of glass, etc.

The Explorers and Tenderhearts both did a skit. The Tenderhearts did their skit on fire safety, what to wear and what not to wear, around a campfire. The Explorer’s skit was about a bus going down the road with a girl that had to go “Whee”. So the bus stops and she jumps out and says, “Wheeee”. Both skits were really good, and everyone enjoyed them. We also lead some silly fire side songs.




I had a really good time camping September 27th-30th. It was a blast! Even though the Explorers did have to clean the Latrines.

PS - Here are some pictures from our camping trip!

Here's the whole group!

Check out our base camp!      We loved singing "Baby Shark"        Look at the beauty!        






October 1st

Hi!  My name is Lauren and I am an Explorer in Troop GA0281.  I wanted to share with you a story I wrote for the Creative Writing Badge.  This story is all about my adventures at Camp Funshine.  Hope you like it! :)


By Explorer Lauren
Creative Writing Badge

In July AHG troop GA0281 went to camp at Hard Labor Creek State park in Rutledge, Georgia.  It was fun in the sun as the Explorers earned their Horsemanship, Young Meteorologist, Canoeing and Hiking badges.  The Tenderhearts earned their Native American and Hiking badges.  Troops from all over the Southeast attended, including troops from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. 

Thanks to their new friends in South Carolina, the girls had no shortage of activities.  Troop 7777 organized and planned the fun new songs, awesome food, activities, and crafts.

It is AHG’s goal to provide opportunities for character, team work and exploring God’s creation.  All the girls go on one camping trip per year.  Whether they are hiking to a beaver dam or eating lunch in canoes, the AHG girls have fun no matter what.

P.S.  Here are some pictures from my time at Camp Funshine!

                Here we are hiking!                   Practicing First Aid Skills          Working on Badge Requirements







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