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What does it mean to have a pen pal???

The American Heritage Girls Pen Pal program is a unique and fun opportunity for girls in AHG to make friends in other Troops across the nation. You'll receive a name of another girl in the AHG program that wants to meet a new friend and you write letters or e-mails back and forth, send pictures, send a birthday card, etc. It's the same thing you would do with a friend here, just in another state!

How do I get a pen pal???
It's a really easy process. You talk to your Troop Leader or parent about signing you up to receive a pen pal through AHG's online registration open October 1-31. Then you'll receive your pen pal's name in January - she may be from California, Alaska, Florida, or even Connecticut! Once you have your pen pal's name and address, you write letters or e-mails back and forth for one year, sharing with her the fun things you do in AHG, how school is going for you, and any exciting adventures you may have.   

Can I earn a patch for the pen pal program???
Yes! Participation patches are sent to your Troop Coordinator - she will present you with your patch. Pen Pal patches are to be worn on the back of your vest and/or sash.

Does it cost anything???

Yes, it costs $6 per girl to join the Pen Pal program. Such a low cost for a new friend and a great time!

Are there any rules???
Yes. To be fair to your pen pal that is excited about getting a letter from you, you are expected to write your pen pal AT LEAST once a month for the following year. Also, since birthdays and holidays are special to us all, show how much you care about your pen pal by sending an additional letter or card on these important days. Most importantly, pray for one another! Spiritual encouragement is the best form of support you can give to another friend. Lift her up and be the best friend you can to her!

When do I get my pen pal???
Registration each year is from October 1-31. Pen Pal matches are sent out by January 15 so you can write for one full calendar year! If you missed this year's deadline, don't worry, you'll have an opportunity to sign up next year.

Share all about the National Pen Pal Program with friends by printing the Pen Pal Program flyer.

Additional questions & answers can be found on this Parent FAQ page.