Internet Adventure Badge
here to download a pdf version of the Internet Adventure Pledge to sign with your parents)

The Internet enables anyone to access a wealth of information from the convenience of a computer. You can do research for school, check the weather, shop, play games, send e-mail, or talk to your friends. It is an awesome informational system. However, people and advertisers can sometimes use the Internet inappropriately. All of the requirements for this Badge require Internet activities and your parents should approve them before you begin your Internet Adventure.

Tenderheart Requirements



__________   1. (T) Start your Internet Adventure at the AHG Girl website. Using your own or your parent’s Internet access account, log on to Print the Internet Safety Pledge found on the AHG website. Read it, sign it, and give it to your parents before continuing on this Badge. Using your computer, make a poster with a list of safety rules for using the computer safely and considerately. Ask your parents for possible sites for safety guidelines. Ask your teacher or parents if you can display your poster in your school computer area or near your computer at home.
__________   2. (T) What is the Internet? Talk with your parents or Leaders about how you gain access to it.
__________   3. (T) Complete the Tenderheart Treasure Hunt. Find your list of items by linking onto different sites.
• Find a doll/character who would have lived in 1900 (a popular doll site)
• Find what year AHG was started (AHG site)
• Find a fact about your favorite animal (one of the animal sites)
• Find the name of your governor (your state site)
• Find the times of your church services (your church site)
• Find the closest park to your home (local park district site)
• Find a children’s activity offered by your local library (library sites)

__________   4. Send an e-mail to a friend or relative. Reply to an e-mail message and forward a message to a friend. What does it mean to forward an e-mail message?
__________   5. With your parent’s permission, play a game on your favorite kids website.

Explorer Requirements



6.  (E) If you did not earn this Badge as a Tenderheart, complete requirement 1.


7. (E) When you are using the Internet, you will be coming in contact with many new terms. Find out what is meant by the following:

• browser
• e-mail
• virus
• IM
• link
• search engine
• homepage
• download
• firewall
• cookie
• domain name
• pop-up window


8. (E) Complete the Explorer Treasure Hunt. Find the items on your list by logging onto different Internet sites.
• Find out if MapQuest or GoogleMaps knows how to get to your house from your AHG meeting location
• Find out what company website is found at
• Find a recipe online
• Find out how many states have AHG Troops in them
• Find the locations and times of a movie or play
• Find out how national companies may support your school (for example, through collections of labels or box tops for redemption)

__________   9. Information sharing is a great way to use the Internet. Share a poem or short article about something you did with your Troop, a good idea for a service project, a fun field trip or an idea for a new AHG Badge. Send as an attachment to the AHG website via
__________   10. Instant Messenger (IM) is the process of having a written conversation with a friend by way of the Internet instead of having a verbal conversation over the phone. How is this different than sending an e-mail and then receiving an answer? Can you IM anyone at any time? Have a short IM conversation with a friend or relative.



Pioneer/Patriot Requirements



__________   11. (PI/PA) If you did not complete this Badge at a lower level, complete requirement 1.

12. (PI) Complete the Pioneer Treasure Hunt. Find the items on your list by logging onto different Internet sites.
• View the AHG Promo video on the AHG Website
• Find out about a youth activity or an interesting event that is happening in your church or school by visiting their websites
• Find on the Internet a map and directions on how to drive from your house to Disney World in Kissimmee, Florida
• Find out when your state joined the union
• Look at the current weather in Hawaii
• Find out if your local bookstore has a copy of a good book that you would like to read
• Find out if you can renew your books or reserve a book at your local library online





13. (PA) Complete the Patriot Treasure Hunt. Find the following items by logging onto different Internet sites.
• Find last season’s win/loss record for your favorite sport at your favorite high school, university, college or pro team
• Find the official website of your favorite movie theater and find the local show times
• Find the subscription information for a magazine for which you don’t currently subscribe
• On the website for your favorite television show find a list of the actors
• Find the schedule of concerts for your favorite musical group
• Find the current world record for your favorite sport
• Find a list of other movies or TV shows in which your current favorite actor or actress has appeared
• Using a travel site find the price for a round trip ticket from your home city to Washington, D.C.
• Find the price of a book you would like to read on a bookstore’s website
• Using the website of any public library, find the call number of a book you would like to read
• Visit AHG’s official Facebook page


14. (PI/PA) “Webquests” are online lessons usually written by teachers or student teachers to instruct a class on a certain subject. Go to your favorite search engine and search for “webquests.” If you spelled it correctly, you should find many sites that have webquests on them. Find one webquest that pertains to a subject that you enjoy, find interesting, or are studying in school. Complete that webquest as instructed and print out the final result. This may take some time to complete since the webquests are intended to teach an entire Unit of a subject. Take the results of the webquest to your teacher, Leader or parents.

__________   15. (PI/PA) Visit a virtual museum in another country. What are its street address and hours of operation? What is the admission price for a student and for an adult? Does it have any special featured exhibits at this time?
__________   16. (PI/PA) Learn about web etiquette. What are some guidelines to adhere to when creating a personal website, Facebook or MySpace page? What is appropriate behavior in a chat room, instant message or online game? How should an email to a potential employer differ from an email to a friend? When is it appropriate to post personal information or pictures?
__________   17. Send an electronic greeting card to a friend or relative. Select your colors, graphics, and text. (If there is not a special occasion, make it a friendship or “thinking of you” type card.)

18.  Interview someone who is at least 30 years old and discuss the changes that the internet has made to his/her life in the past ten years.  Consider both personal and work life in your interview.  What changes does he/she view as positive, which as negative?

__________   19. Use a digital camera to take pictures at a school function, family gathering or AHG activity. Download them to your computer and send them to a friend, relative or AHG Heritage Headlines editor. What format is the file? Will the person receiving it be able to open it? How big is it?
__________   20. Help to create a website for your Troop, or add to your Troop’s existing website. Or create a family webpage with your parent’s supervision. Remember to never put personal information on the webpage.
_________   21. Visit the website for one of your hardware or software manufacturers and locate the customer service or technical support area. Find the questions and answers that are posted by other users. Learn how to post your own questions.


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