You know that sometimes being an AHG Girl takes some juggling.  You're trying to become a woman of integrity and having fun along the way.  Our AHG Girl section will give you some tools to help you during your journey to becoming a woman of integrity.  Being an AHG Girl helps you explore your passions, learn what it means to live your life for Christ, experience the joy of servanthood, understand the importance of discipline, taste the thrill of achievement, establish life-long friendship and have loads of fun! 


We're so excited you're an AHG Girl!

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The Girls' portion of the American Heritage Girls, Inc website has been made for the growth and entertainment of all youth that may visit our site.  Please note we are very serious about maintaining a website that is of wholesome content.  Therefore any and all material and links are first approved by AHG staff before being published and the integrity of each site will be reviewed periodically.  However, we would still like to encourage the importance of children asking their parents' permission before downloading any content off our website or following any links provided by AHG.  Enjoy and God bless!