Welcome to the Cincinnati Area

We hope that these Cincinnati Area website pages will help all volunteers and parents in the Cincinnati Area to stay informed and get connected as a community! Information given will strive to provide contact information for the Area Ministry Leadership Team, special event information, as well as adult volunteer training opportunities. May your American Heritage Girls experience be one of spiritual growth, personal fulfillment and relationship building!

Area Ministry Team
This Team is the volunteer leadership that is responsible for the planting of new Troops and the nurturing of existing Troops.

Area Coordinator - Linda King - ACCincy@ahgonline.org
Area Shepherd - Sheila McClung - AScincyarea@gmail.com
Community Coordinator North - Sarah Fisher - CCcincynorth@gmail.com
Area Training Coordinator - Kris Browning - ATCcincyarea@gmail.com

We are currently accepting applications for the following Area Ministry Leadership Team positions.

Community Coordinator (CC)
 (East and West)
The CC is a volunteer who is the local link for most AHG Troops. The CC strengthens communication between AHG and local Troops and provides support, encouragement and training to local Troop leaders. The CC is responsible for planning and holding Community meetings and gathering local Troop leaders for networking and leadership trainings.  This volunteer will have had significant experience in AHG on the local level and have a desire to meet the needs of women in leadership who are ministering to girls. The CC is supported by the AC.

Ministry Expansion Lead (MEL)

The MEL is a volunteer responsible for spreading the vision of AHG to the general public. A MEL helps to plant new Troops, acts as a public relations spokesperson and develops relationships with current and future donors. A MEL is supported by the AC and may seek help from the AHG National Membership Development Office.

Interested in being part of the Cincy Area Team?
Linda King, Cincy Area Coordinator for more information.

Area Events and Trainings
Click on the title for information regarding upcoming meetings, news, updates, adult trainings, service opportunities, special events and activities in the Cincinnati Area.

Older Girl Initiative (OGI)
Click on the title for information regarding the new program for Pioneer and Patriots only in the Cincinnati Area.